The ‘National Organic Trade Fair- Organics & Millets 2017

The ‘National Trade Fair- Organics & Millets 2017’ is a national conference and exposition on a vista of opportunities in agriculture and horticulture, processing and marketing. The event offers an excellent opportunity for farmers, farmers’ groups, buyers, exporters, manufacturers of value added products, restaurateurs, manufacturers of farm equipment and others to showcase their respective products and expertise in organic millets related areas. The fair serves as an important ..
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Organic Potential

Organic Farming aims at production of quality and safe agricultural products which contain no chemical residues. It follows eco-friendly production methods ..
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Millets – The Super Food

Millets are small-seeded cereals and grains that are indigenous to India and other African countries. Millets are considered to have been cultivated in India from pre ..
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Bengaluru (also called Bangalore) is the capital of Karnataka State, India. The center of India’s high-tech industry, the city is also known ..
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Target Visitors

  • Farmers & Producers
  • Exporters and Domestic Trading Companies
  • Catering and Restaurants

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Run for Organics & Millets

Run for Organics & Millets

The Department of Agriculture had organised a marathon under the title ‘5k Millet Marathon’, to create awareness about organic foods..

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Media Coverage Updates

Media Coverage Updates

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Events during the fair

  • Exhibition
  • Buyer Seller Meet (B2B)
  • National Conference
  • Consumer Connect Program
  • Organic Food Court
  • Farmers’ Workshop

Organics & Millets 2017 Brochure

News & Events

Ecstatic response from Bangaloreans

Ecstatic response from Bangaloreans & Organic and Millet Community to our National Trade Fair. Great awareness, farmer to business contracts and B2B transactions. Big thanks to all participants!

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Program Schedule

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