National Trade Fair – Organics & Millets 2017

The food habits of people both in India and abroad are being oriented towards natural foods and high fibre diet with the increasing awareness on health care and fitness

The ‘National Trade Fair - Organics & Millets 2017’ is a national conference and exposition on vista of opportunities in agriculture, horticulture, processing and marketing

The Event offers best opportunity to showcase organic potential of farmers, processors, traders and other stakeholders

The deterioration of global environment and soil health due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers to raise crop production has caused an alarm. Lifestyle related diseases and disorders, have become a major health concern all over the world.

The food habits of people both in India and abroad are being oriented towards natural foods and high fibre diet with increasing awareness on health care and fitness. This change has brought in focused thrust to organic farming and a renewed interest in the consumption of Millets.

India, with nearly 6 million hectares under certified organic cultivation produces a variety of agriculture and horticulture crops. In addition to meeting its huge domestic market, India is also becoming a major exporter of organic produce and Millets. Millets, more commonly known these days as “Super Food”, are a group of highly variable small-seeded grass. These gluten-free grains are powerhouses of fiber, calcium, proteins and minerals.

The ‘National Trade Fair – Organics & Millets 2017’ is a national conference and exposition on vista of opportunities in agriculture and horticulture, processing and marketing. The event offers an excellent opportunity for farmers, buyers, sellers, exporters of organic produce and millets. This fair also facilitates organic product processors, manufacturers of farm equipments and others to showcase their respective products and expertise in organic and millet related areas. The fair serves as an important confluence for all organic stakeholders for the promotion of trade, sharing information and knowledge about organic agribusiness. In Karnataka, Organic & Millet farmers have been organized into 14 Regional Federtaions. They produce wide ranging variety of organic & millet crops. This trade fair is an easy platform to connect with this wide producer base. It is a one stop opportunity to source your requirement of organic and millet crops.

This unique event – National Trade Fair – Organics & Millets 2017 is organized by the Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Karnataka, Karnataka State Agricultural Produce Processing and Export Corporation Limited (KAPPEC), State Agricultural Universities and Jaivik Krishik Society. International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA) is the Knowledge Partner to showcase the event effectively. The centralized air conditioned venue has been designed to house more than 200 stalls.





Events during the fair


Display of a variety of organic products, millets, eco-friendly product range and processing machineries and equipments

Buyer Seller Meet (B2B)

A dedicated Buyer – Seller lounge is created at the venue. B2B meets are organized after matching the requirements of the buyers and sellers.

National Conference

To share knowledge and new technologies, a two-day conference is organized to provide a common forum for all the stakeholders to share their knowledge on organic produce along with a dedicated session on millets.

Farmers’ Workshop

A two-day farmers’ workshop will be held with the objective of creating awareness about production, certification, value addition, processing and marketing.

Consumer Connect Program

To establish connection between ‘Organics’ and ‘Consumers’ and to create an awareness on organic food and its relevance to food safety, health and environment. This ‘National Trade Fair – Organics & Millets 2017’ event is organised to target different segments of the society such as home-makers, general public, students, farmers, etc. Cooking competition for home-makers to demonstrate various ways of cooking millets is organised. Consultation on health by dieticians for public is held on the second and third day.

Organic Food Court

Organic Food Court offers a variety of delicacies made with millets and other organic ingredients. This not only makes people understand the importance of producing organic food but also gives them an opportunity to taste healthy food in order to influence them to change their food habit and lifestyle.